How To Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4 (woods)

This post will help you with installing custom recovery on your Motorola device. So, follow the guide carefully until the end to know how to Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4.

Custom recoveries have always been useful for Android owners in flashing Custom ROMs, ZIPs, images, etc. TWRP Recovery is also the one which comes with all those features plus many others too. Using custom recovery, you can easily root your device just by flashing magisk ZIP through it or you can also upgrade your device’s OS to the latest one by flashing the ROMs.

So, if you also want to play with these cool developer features, then get stick with us. Because this article is all about what steps you need to take in order to Install TWRP Recovery on your Moto E4 using fastboot method.

So, go through each section of this guide to do so.

How To Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4 (woods)

This guide is intended for Motorola Moto E4 only (Codename: woods). So, please do not try the instructions and its downloads on any other device or model. If you do so, then it could harm your device.

Disclaimer: Unlocking Bootloader, Installing TWRP, and any other system modifications will void the manufacturer warranty of your Motorola phone. This guide is for educational purpose only. We will not be responsible for any damage to your device. In case, if anything goes wrong, we can assist you to troubleshoot with the issue.

So, now let’s discuss the further guide. For the user’s convenience, we have split out this comprehensive guide into smaller sections which will help you better to understand and implement the steps. So, let’s begin.

STEP-1: Backup your Motorola device

As usual, we would highly recommend you to take the backup of your device’s data including photos, videos, documents, and other files which are important to you. Because system operations sometimes need your device to be wiped out. So, it’s better to be pre-prepared. Rather than this, sometimes any step executed wrongly could also brick your device.

So, you can use an online platform like Google Drive, etc to store the data of your device safely. Or you can also go with hard drives and pen drives to store backup temporarily. Once you have done, move to the very next step which is installing ADB and Fastboot tools on your PC.

STEP-2: Install ADB & Fastboot Tools on PC

In order to install TWRP Recovery on Moto E4, you need to have SDK Platform Tools installed on your computer. This will help you to push the ADB Commands to the device through USB cable. Without ADB & Fastboot Tools, you wouldn’t be able to make the function of the commands.

You can download the latest SDK Platform Tools from here. Once downloaded, follow our tutorial on how to install ADB and Fastboot Tools on computer.

STEP-3: Unlock Bootloader, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

By default, all the Motorola devices come with the locked bootloader. You must have to unlock it first before getting into the process of installing TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4. You can check out the guide on How to Unlock Bootloader of Motorola Devices to do so.

But before you go to unlock the bootloader of moto E4, make sure to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking in the Android Developer Settings. To do so, follow the below instructions:

  • Go to Android settings > About phone.
  • Now, tap on ‘Build Number’ 7-8 times until you see the message “Now you’re a developer”.
  • Now go back to the main settings and tap on ‘Developer options’.
  • Then, finally hit the toggle just at the right of the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking option. Make sure to enable both the options.

Done. Now, you can move over to the next section of this guide.

STEP-4: Download TWRP Recovery for Motorola Moto E4

In order to Install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4, you should have the .img flashable file. We have provided the link below to download the TWRP Recovery file easily.

TWRP Recovery for Motorola Moto E4

Version: 3.3.1

Size: 16.1 MB


STEP-5: Flash TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4

Below are the step-by-step instructions that you only need to follow in order to successfully install TWRP Recovery on Moto E4 via fastboot method. Make sure to follow the steps carefully.

Note: To avoid any shutdowns, make sure to charge your Motorola device to a healthy battery level. Furthermore, please follow the guide very carefully. Because any mistake could harm your device.

  1. Download the TWRP Recovery image file using the link provided above.
  2. Once downloaded successfully, rename it as “motoe4.img” and move it to the ADB folder of your primary disk on the computer.
  3. Now, you have to use the USB cable to connect the Motorola device to the PC.
  4. Then, select “Open PowerShell Window Here” option by pressing SHIFT Key and Right-Click altogether.

    Open PowerShell Window Here
    Open PowerShell Window Here
  5. Now, boot your Moto E4 into bootloader mode by pushing the command below:
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. Once the device enters into the fastboot mode, it is confirmed that your phone has successfully been connected to the computer through USB cable and is ready to process further.
  7. So, push the command below to flash the TWRP image file and install TWRP Recovery on Motorola Moto E4:
    fastboot flash recovery motoe4.img
  8. As soon as you execute the above command, the PowerShell window will flash the TWRP Recovery on your Motorola device. Once done, run the following command to reboot the device:
    fastboot reboot

That’s it. So finally, you have installed TWRP Recovery on your Moto E4 via fastboot method. To boot the device into TWRP Recovery mode, just press and hold the Volume Down + Power button for a couple of seconds.

Now, you can flash magisk ZIP to root moto E4, install custom ROMs, and kernels, etc. But in case if you’re facing any problem regarding the topic, then feel free to drop us a comment below.

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